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The City of Portsmouth
Portsmouth, is as made obvious by its name, a port city. Up until recently it had been a town of minor significance. Just another city of many, with little to set it apart. Perhaps, besides it’s age. Being one of the oldest bastions if civilization along the northern coasts of Landsmare. That was before the coming of the Dark Tide, and the devastation it wrought upon the city. And the emergence from beneath the waves of ancient ruins that have catapulted the city to a position of note and prominence in the region. A source of adventure , wealth and undiscovered knowledge with a siren’s song many find impossible to resist. Environment-Port.jpg

Portsmouth itself over its long life has grown. Older sections of the city being abandoned by the rich and powerful. In favor of newer more refined sections of the city. With the middle class moving in to take their place breaking up the larger estates into smaller parcels of land more in keeping with their means. With the oldest sectors of the city being turned over to the poor and destitute or industry.

Large portions of the city, mostly the poorer sections, were flooded with the coming of the Dark Tide and the emergence of the ruins nearby. Leaving swathes of the city devastated and ‘temporary’ shanty towns just outside the city proper springing up to house the homeless.

The Dark Tide
Slightly less than a month ago, a large swath of the North Coast and Portsmouth especially was struck by what is now being called the Dark Tide, a massive black tidal wave that ravaged the coast. Large portions of the docks and lower sections of the city were flooded and damaged or simply washed away in the disaster. Leaving thousands homeless and destitute, their worldly possessions swept away. Specifically heavily hit were the poor of the city. Who tended to live in the lower, older sections of the city. Inspiration-Dark_Tide.jpg

The RuinsEnvironment-Coastal_Menhirs.jpg

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