Name: Locke
Class: The Fighter
Race: Human
Strength 16 +2
Dexterity 12 +0
Constitution 15 +1
Wisdom 13 +1
Intelligence 9 +0
Charisma 8 -1
Hitpoints: 25
Base Damage: d10
Alignment: Good

A “Ruin Crasher” with dark ringed tired eyes, closely shaved head, and a body that’s seen a lot of wear, and tear. He grew up in a poor family from Portsmouth, barely living on a hand to mouth existence, till his parent died from sickness from poor living conditions due to the Oligarch and his fellow merchant princes stranglehold on the basic necessities. Desperate to make a living, he joined old crews of Ruin Crashers as an extra hand, until he was skilled, and old enough to actually join in the rare, and deadly encounters found in the ruins. It’s been so long since he’s been fighting for his life, he can barely remember the faces of his family.

Sparrow is a community pillar, and fixture of the old water district, that a lot of poor depend on. So when the Red Tide devastated the district, Locke and fellow Ruin Crashers banded together in finding survivors. Locke found Sparrow underwater, in a cracked bell from one of the port towers that crashed during the tsunami. In the aftermath of the Red Tide tsunami, Sparrow and Locke, along with many of the Ruin Crashers who helped during the crises, partnered up in Ruin Crashing during the first journey into the watery ruins, using her newly developed Diving Bell method.
Raganhar Zumi been a long-time associate with Ruin Crashing, often helping as a guide and extra axe hand in the scattered ruins in the forest
Aqueel Abbaad Olm-Bakar has been asking question about the ruins in town lately and the man knows nothing about what lays ahead for him, I better keep an eye out for his safety if he’s going to ask me to search those blasted ruins
Armor: Scalemail (2 armor, 3 weight),
Gear: Antitoxin, Dungeon rations (1 weight), poultices and herbs (1 weight),

Starting Moves:
Once per battle, may reroll a single damage roll, yours or someone else’s.
Bend Bars, Lift Gates: When you use pure strength to destroy an inanimate obstacle roll STR. *On a 10 choose 3. *On a 7-9 Choose 2
It Doesn’t take very long
Nothign of Value is Damaged
It doesn’t make an inordinate amount of noise
You can fix the thing again without a lot of effort
Armored: Ignore the clumsy tag on armor you wear
Signature Weapon: An ancient, falchion-like sword, gripped in a red coral like substance for its hilt, and an opaque green blade that slowly eats its way into metal if left unattended.
Sharp +2 piercing
Glows in the presence of of the denizens in the underwater ruins



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