Black eyes, lithe body, tight clothes, thick hair


STR: 12 / 0
DEX: 16 / +2
CON: 13 / +1
INT: 9 / 0
WIS: 8 / -1
CHA: 15 / +1

Damage: d8
HP: 6+Con / 19
Armor: 1

Alignment/Drive: Neutral/Path of the Artist – Do something with beauty or grace.

Race/Background: Human/The Artist – Your grace and poise is legendary. When you shadow dance, you chose two options, even on a miss.

Gear: Load 8+Str / 3 of 8
Dungeon Rations, 4 uses 1 weight
Leather armor, 1 armor 1 weight
Dagger, Hand 1 weight
Piece of chalk


I first encountered Locke during the relief efforts in the Waterfront, and I’ve cooked up a crazy plan to get into the underwater ruins with him.

When Raganhar confronted me, we came to blows. Or specifically, his Wolfcat. That cat knows where I’m going even before I do, and it doesnt like the smell of me.

The face that haunts my nightmares is Aqueel. Anytime Sparrow Shadowdances near him, she hears the voices of his trapped people.

Others’ Bonds with me:

Aqueel: I feel that Sparrow is keeping a secret from Aqueel, even if unintentionally. He feels her power might be useful to him.

Locke: Sparrow will be the one who thought up the diving bell method of getting into the ruin

Raganhar: Vortigern doesn’t like Sparrow, and I’m determined to find out why


My character, Sparrow, is a human Shadowdancer. She used to be a dancer. She got her start in taverns, but quickly moved up in the social order and was dancing in fine establishments. She always kept her home in the Waterfront district in Portsmouth though, despite making enough money to move elsewhere. However, she was in the Waterfront when the Dark Tide hit, crushing most of the Waterfront in a tidal-wave of water. She woke-up three days after the event, with her eyes being pitch-black and now having her powers. She’s also noticed strange things in the shadows, that werent there before. They dont seem to notice her, but she watches them watch other people.


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