Raganhar Zumi

Sharp Eyes, Hooded Head, Tattooed Face, Traveling Clothes, Wild Body


Str: 13 (0)
Dex: 16 (
Con: 12 (0)
Int: 9 (
Wis: 15 (+1)
Cha: 8 (0)

Armor: 1

HP: 7 (20)

Alignment: Chaotic

Race: Elf – When you undertake a perilous journey through wilderness whatever job you take you succeed as if you rolled a 10+.

Base damage: 1d8

XP: 9
Level: 1

Gear: Hunter’s Bow (near, far, 1 weight) and spear (reach, 1 weight), and a bundle of arrows (3 ammo, 1 weight).


Aqueel does not understand life in the wild, so I will teach him.
I have guided Locke before and he owes me for it.

Hunt and Track: When you follow a trail of clues left behind by passing creatuers, roll wis. On a 7, you follow the creature’s trail until there’s a significant change in its direction or mode of travel. On a 10+, you also chose 1:
Gain a useful bit of information about your quarry, the GM will tell you what.
Determine what caused the trail to end.

Called shot: When you attack a defenseless or surprised enemy at range, you can choose to deal damage or name your target and roll dex.
Head 10
: as 7-9, plus your damage. 7-9: they do nothing but stand and drool for a few moments.
Arms: 10+: as 7-9, plus your damage. 7-9: they drop anything they’re holding.
Legs: 10+ as 7-9, plus your damage. 7-9: they’re hobbled and slow moving.

Animal Companion: Vortigern
Vortigern is a large wolfcat, about the size of a Great Dane.
Ferocity +2, Cunning +1, 1 armor, Instinct +1
Strengths: intimidating, keen senses
Trainings: fight monsters, scout
Weaknesses: savage

Command: When you work with your animal companion on something it’s trained in…
… and you attack the same target, add its ferocity to your damage
… and you track, add its cunning to your roll
… and you take damage, add its armor to your armor
… and you discern realities, add its cunning to your roll
… and you parley, add its cunning to your roll
… and someone interferes with you, add its instinct to their roll


Raganhar Zumi

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