Aqueel Abbaad Olm-Bakar

Haunted Eyes, Turbanned, Strange Robes, Thin Body


STR: 9 / 0
DEX: 12 / 0
CON: 13 / +1
INT: 16 / +2
WIS: 15 / +1
CHA: 8 / -1

Damage: d4
HP: 4+Con / 17
Armor: 1

Alignment: Neutral – Discover something about an eldritch mystery.

Race: Human – Humans have long meddled in things beyond their ken. When using the Forbidden Ritual move you may expend a single use of your spellcasting components to set a condition for the ritual.

Gear: Load 7+Str / 5 of 7

Spellcasting Components (5 uses, 2 weight. functionally identical to Bag of Books.),
Dungeon Rations (5 uses, 1 weight).
Leather armor (1 armor, 1 weight)
Dagger (hand, 1 weight)
Healing Potion (0 weight)

Class Moves:

Arcane Learning
You are a font of esoteric knowledge. When you Spout Lore or Discern Realities about
something magical or otherwise arcane, on a 10+ the GM will also tell you a little-known
secret about the subject.

Black Magic (INT)
When you weave a spell to inflict pain on your foes, choose two tags from the list below and roll+Int. ✴On a 10+, deal 2d4 damage, plus all effects of the added tags. ✴On a 7-9, deal damage and remove one of the chosen tags. Also choose one:
• You draw unwelcome attention or put yourself in a spot. The GM will tell you how.
• The spell disturbs the fabric of reality as it is cast—take -1 ongoing to cast a spell until the next time you Prepare Spells.
• After it is cast, your energies are depleted. You cannot cast the black magic again until you rest.
Tags: Reach, Near, Debilitating (half damage), forceful, piercing 2.

New Tag: Debilitating (half damage): The spell deals half damage, rounded up. But it will stun, slow, or weaken an enemy hit by it, in a method you describe. Examples: Wither their muscles, bind them with chains, overwhelm their senses, scare or startle them.

Forbidden Ritual
When you make the proper signs and chant to the right gods for a magical effect or how to craft a magical item, tell the GM what you want to do or create, and the GM will tell you:

  • What you will need to sacrifice.
  • How long it will take
  • How long the spell or effects of the magic item will last
  • Any restrictions of limitations (specific time or place, must be activated in a specific way, ect)
  • Any other side effects.

Dark Communion
When you spend time in a place, making note of its resident spirits and calling on the spirits of the land, roll+Wis. You will be granted a vision of significance to you, your allies, and the spirits around you. *On a 10+ the vision will be clear and helpful to you. *On a 7–9 the vision is unclear, its meaning murky. *On a miss, the vision is upsetting, frightening, or traumatizing. The GM will describe it. Take -1 forward.

My Bonds With Others:

- Locke will play an important role in the events to come. I have foreseen it! (resolved)
-Locke has supplied me with magical power.
- Sparrow is keeping an important secret from me, even if she doesn’t know it!
- Raganhar is woefully misinformed about the world; I will teach them all that I can.


My name is Aqueel Abbaad Olm-Bakar, son of Bakar Abbaad Old-Rekesh, last of the Tazidi Kishra-Vota, and a damned soul. I write these words under a baleful wet moon many miles from the land I called home. I do so because I must if I am to retain what little sanity remains. Familiar faces see fit to mock me from the dying embers of the campfire, their curses carried on the night wind. It seems that mere damnation is not enough for a soul as wretched as mine.

You would not be wrong to call me a wizard or mage. As I mentioned before I am the last of the Tazidi Kishra-Vota. This is important to my story, though that distinction means little now. My land, my people, have been reduced to little more than ghosts. Listless husks who muddy the distinction between living and dead. Our once fertile soil is lifeless and pale, and our water is foul and undrinkable. I am the cause of this.

The Tazidi lived in a precarious situation for nearly three hundred years. We were like mice scurrying beneath the feet of giants. It was inevitable that one day they would look down. At one point the Tazidi were allied with a powerful Ral. We had been great in number and our influence spread wide. Like all worldly power this was not to last.

Our Ral, Akram Saood Olm-Naasif grew unpopular. He had taken too much, made too many enemies. Several Rals united against him and his holdings were reduced to a mere fraction of what they had been. The victorious Rals were not kind to us, and many of the surviving Tazidi sought refuge in the borderlands between Zafiq and the barbarian lands. There our people lived in peace for several generation.

Then rose a new Ral. Umair, the great great grandson of Akram. He sought to unite his ancestors old holdings, and this included the land that we had settled on. Negotiations were impossible. The Tazidi were as good as traitors in his eyes, and our land was his by birthright.

Something had to be done. His army effortlessly destroyed what little resistance we could muster. Within days the Ral’s men marched through our streets with impunity, taking what they would. They were nearly as brutal in victory as they were at war. So I made a choice. I sought the help of gods, old gods. Dark gods. They had the power to drive the Ral’s army from our land, and offered it freely. If I had but known the price I would have let Umair win.

Under cover of darkness at the highest hilltop I made the necessary preparations. I performed the proper rites to the proper gods and made the proper sacrifices. I cried out at the moon and painted myself in the blood of cattle. The sky grew pale, and the gods answered.

The wind that swept through the valley was unlike anything I had experienced. It chilled me to the bone, and not even the bonfire could warm me. It persisted for hours and carried the pained cries of the Ral’s men to my ears. But as night turned to day it became clear that the Ral’s men were not the only ones touched by the icy wind.

Once the wind made it possible I descended the hill on horseback and rode back to my family. I passed family, friend, and invader alike. Each wore a blank expression on their face, as if something essential had been taken from them. I arrived home and threw open the doors to find that my family had met a similar fate. Far worse was the look on my wife’s face. For she seemed to know that I was the cause of this.

I despaired for three days and nights. In my desperation to defend my people I no longer had a people. All around me shuffled empty vessels, going about their daily lives in only the most perfunctory fashions. My books, my years of knowledge. Nothing of traditional knowledge and rational understanding could help me. It was on the fourth day that I came to realization. Perhaps not all was lost.

When I witnessed the rending of the veil I was given a glimpse into something greater than myself, greater than anything living or dead. A power beyond simple spellcraft. Though it had damned my people, it might very well be their salvation. So I dedicated myself to a new craft, studying these forbidden tomes and reclaiming knowledge long forgotten by man.

I have paid a heavy price for this power. I understand now that I can never return to the life I once led. Nor can I look upon this world with the same naive eyes I once did. I may one day save my people, at least for a time. But there is no saving me.


Aqueel Abbaad Olm-Bakar

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